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October 5, 2017

The relationship between the sports industry and their various host regions can be a fickle one. At one point, there was an $800-million proposal to bring football (namely, the NFL) back to the Los Angeles area, headed by Majestic Realty (a concern owned by Ed Roski, Jr, a billionaire who also happens to be a minority owner of the Los Angeles Lakers.)

What happened, however, was that the Los Angeles Rams wound up coming back – but with their own stadium project (the Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park), which is currently still in the planning stages, with plans to open around 2020.

Well, it’s a good thing that Mr. Roski wasn’t hanging all his hopes on his own project! It would appear that he isn’t a guy to sit around and lick his wounds in the corner somewhere. With a net worth of approximately US $5.6 Billion as of this writing, he has plenty of other things to do – including an impressive amount of philanthropic work, and, according to Forbes, cycling in places like Russia and even Burma. To learn more about this very interesting gentleman, check out this profile on Forbes!