Economic Impact

Jobs, Revenue and Economic Growth

Over 18,000 Jobs for Southern California
The Los Angeles Stadium at Grand Crossing will generate over 18,000 jobs and millions of dollars of revenue for the entire Southern California region without public investment.

Ed RoskiEdward Roski, Majestic Realty Co.
Our mission is to bring the NFL back to Los Angeles in a way that reignites the passion of football fans and drives economic growth across our region.

Next Steps

Los Angeles Stadium is shovel ready! As soon as we are able to secure a team the Los Angeles Stadium will become a reality, generating jobs and economic impact to the region.

18,000 Jobs, Millions in Revenue

LA Stadium Video: The Economic Benefits

In Case You Missed It

Schwarzenegger Signs Stadium Bill
October 23, 2009

"This is the best kind of action state government can create -- action that cuts red tape, generates jobs, is environmentally friendly and brings a continued economic boost to California."

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Facts

Economic Impact in Brief

  • Fact: 100% privately financed - no public money
  • Fact: Create over 18,000 new jobs
  • Fact: Generate $762 million in economic impact for the entire region
  • Fact: Pump $323 million into worker's pay annually for the region
  • Fact: Produce $21.2 million in new tax revenue for local government

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Check out the 120 plus organizations, elected officials, cities, counties and leaders who have endorsed Los Angeles Stadium at Grand Crossing.

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