The Environment

Leaner, Greener, Stadium

Los Angeles Stadium at Grand Crossing will set the standard in environmental sustainability with plans to use far less steel and concrete than other new stadiums and will feature solar technologies and reclaimed water for landscaping.

Governor Schwarzaneggar Signs Stadium Bill

LA Stadium Video: The Environment

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NFL Stadium Cited as Best in Southland
Jennifer McLain, San Gabriel Valley Tribune

An environmental impact report issued Wednesday calls an undeveloped 592-acre parcel near the junction of the 57 and 60 freeways in Industry the best place in Southern California for a professional football stadium.

The Los Angeles Stadium will be LEED Certified

What Is LEED?

  • Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design
  • Internationally Recognized Green Certification System
  • Verifies that a developer used green strategies
  • Considers: emissions, energy savings, stewardship

John SemckenJohn Semcken, Majestic Realty Co.
We conducted two Environmental Impact Reports on our stadium site to assess the project's impact on the local environment and to determine better, smarter and safer ways to construct the stadium.

The Facts

Environmental Measures In Brief

  • Fact: 40% less steel by using natural topography
  • Fact: Will be the first LEED certified NFL Stadium
  • Fact: Two approved Environmental Impact Reports (2004/2008)
  • Fact: Over 220 mitigation measures will be put in place upon construction
  • Fact: Los Angeles Metrolink station on site

Green Checklist

  • 100% reclaimed water
  • 50% solar power for buildings
  • 40% less steel
  • 10% recycled building material
  • Mass transit options on site
  • Plans to minimize traffic flow

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